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Are you searching for SmiONE Customer Service? You are in the right place because here is a list that you will find all contact options including customer service phone number, e-mail and live chat support details, automated account help provided by the SmiONE™.

You will also find possible online help shortcuts solvations without connecting the SmiONE™ customer service representative in the guide.

smione customer service

SmiONE Customer Service

SmiONE™ offers different cards for the customers therefore the payment company provides customer service for each different card owner. You will find customer service phone numbers in the following.



Customer Service Number: 866-674-9628


Phone: (855)-279-2523
International : +1-719-619-3704


Phone: 855-403-8352
International : +1-860-902-6228


Phone: 855-403-8350
International : +1-202-734-4959


Phone: 855-403-8344
International : +1-850-601-3047


Georgia Phone: 866-399-1704
Georgia International Number: +1-650-452-6679

North Carolina

North Carolina Phone: 877-776-9759
North Carolina  International: +1-347-809-6753

North Dakota

Phone Number: 855-816-9711
International: +1-701-989-6556


Phone Number: 855-279-2744
International: +1-614-405-8794

West Virginia

Phone Number: 855-403-8349
International: +1-412-297-0282


Phone: 888-248-8166
International: +1-312-380-1949

Cards Starting with 4786 or 4064

Phone Number: 888-248-8208
International: +1 424-652-5314



SmiONE Online Help

There are some helpful shortcuts you can solve your online problems without connection to live chat or contact a customer service representative. You can find the shortcuts in the following.

Activate a Card

You can activate your SmiONE™ card after you log in filling in your username and password.

Log In SmiONE

You can log in to your SmiONE™ account.

SmiONE Create an Account

You need to submit a form to create a SimONE™ account.

SimONE online account create form


Lost or Stolen Card

You can report your stolen or lost card situation after you log in to your account.



You can check the atm locations of the payment company.


SmiONE Online Contact

The payment platform provides an online help form so that you can send an e-mail for your general inquiries. Besides, the agency provides 24/7 help for the customers

You need to write your name, last name, phone number, e-mail and question or comment. Also, you will see the online contact page below the page.

SmiONE Online Help Form


SmiONE™ Email Address

The company also provides e-mail support for customers. If you need to send an e-mail, you can prefer the [email protected] mail address provided by the SmiONE™


SmiONE Live Chat

SmiONE™ doesn’t offer live chat support for customers. However, you can submit an online form so that customer service can reach you.


SmiONE Mailing Address

There is a mailing address that you can send a mail to SmiONE™. If you need, you can find the address in the following.

P.O. Box 2489
Carrollton, GA 30112


SmiONE Mobile Apps

The payment company provides mobile apps so that customers can manage their accounts and cards. The customers can view account balance, spending history and activity from the mobile apps.

Platinum smiONE™ Visa® Prepaid Card App for Android

Platinum smiONE Visa Prepaid for IOS


SmiONE Social Media

You can prefer to contact the payment platform from Facebook. Also, you can find the platform link in the following.


About SmiONE

smione logo

smiONE™ is a card and payment platform supported by state and local government agencies to give you fast, easy, and secure access to your funds.

The payment company offers reloadable prepaid cards so that you can access your money. Also, SmiONE™ provides online banking, 24/7 support, mobile banking, low fees and fraud protection.

You can also add other funds with direct deposit or mobile check load¹, withdraw cash, transfer funds to authorized users, and make purchases in stores and online wherever Visa debit cards are accepted.


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