Lowe’s Sherman Customer Service | Phone Numbers & Online Guide

Are you searching  Lowe’s Sherman, TX to contact customer service? The firm provides customer service phone numbers, online contact and mailing address for the customers. Besides, you will find detailed information like opening hours, location, and more. You are in the right place because you will find the answer to your possible questions.

Lowe's Sherman,TX service phone number

Lowe’s Sherman Customer Service Phone Numbers

If you need to talk to Lowe’s Sherman customer representative, you can prefer phone numbers in the following. However, don’t forget that the retail chain provides customer service phone numbers support during working hours (8:30 a.m. – 7 p.m. (ET), 7 Days a Week). Only Lowe’s Sherman credit card department serves 24/7.

903-892-8181: Lowe’s Sherman phone number
903-868-8778: Pro Desk
903-813-1011: Fax number
1-888-775-6937: Repairs, Warranties, and Protection Plans
1-877-465-6937: Sales
1-800-444-1408: For Business Account
1-866-232-7443: For Lowe’s Accounts Receivable
1-800-444-1408: Credit Card (24/7)


Lowe’s Sherman Store Hours

Here is a store opening hours table in the following.

Mon     6:00am – pm
Tue     6:00am –  pm
Wed     6:00am –  pm
Thu     6:00am –  pm
Fri     6:00am –  pm
Sat     6:00am –  pm
Sun     8:00am –  8pm 


Lowe’s Sherman Location

You can find the Lowe’s Sharman location in the following.

2801 U.S. Highway 75 North


Lowe’s Sherman Live Chat

Lowe’s Sherman has not live chat support. However, we recommend dialling a customer service representative for the fastest result.


Lowe’s Sherman Email Address

Lowe’s Sherman has an email support option for its customers. If you need to contact via email support, you can prefer this email address of the retail firm

email address: [email protected]


Social Platforms

You can prefer to contact  Lowe’s Sherman from the social media accounts in the following.







 Lowe’s Sherman Online Help

For more information or need any help regarding product and support, you can visit Lowe’s Sherman help page.


About Lowe’s Sherman

Lowe’s is a North Carolina-based building supply and home improvement firm. Marvin Ellison found the retail firm in 1921.

The retail firm mainly sells in-home environment products. Also, Lowe’s has everything your home needs. And with a wide variety of helpful experts in plumbing, electricity, and more.


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