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NBDo you need to contact Eppicard customer service or search online help options to solve your general inquiries? You are in the right directory because you will find all options to contact the online banking platforms and online help options without contacting a customer service representative.

There are almost twenty different Eppicard branches to serve the customers. Therefore, you can find phone number support numbers of Eppicard branches in the following.

eppicard customer servıce
eppicard customer servıce

Eppicard Customer Service

The online banking platform provides 24/7 support for the customers.  You can find Eppicard customer service phone numbers in the following.

  • Check your balance,
  • Transaction history
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Review transaction history
  • Questions About the Card
  • Report lost or stolen card.

You will find Eppicard phone numbers in the following. However, the online banking platform doesn’t provide phone number support for each branch.

  • Alabama LA:  1-877-253-0757
  • Pennsylvania PN: 1-800-304-1669
  • Georgia  GA: 1-800-656-1347
  • North Carolina NC: 1-866-461-4096
  • South Carolina SC: 1-877-436-6055
  • New York NY: 1-866-461-4093
  • Wisconsin WI: 1-877-253-3686
  • Ohio OH: 1-866-320-8822
  • New Jersey NJ 1-866-461-4094
  • New Mexico XM: 1-866-898-2213
  • Flo Rida FL: 1-877-567-1768
  • For Lost and Stolen: 1-877-253-3686


Eppicard App

The online banking platform provides applications for customers. You can confirm your deposit, review your transaction history and check your balance.

You can also find reviews about Eppicard.


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