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Do you need to contact Citibank customer service? The bank offers customer service phone number, e-mail and online help support, mailing address, sending message support for the customers. Besides, you will find online help shortcuts provided by the bank.

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Citibank Customer Service Phone Numbers

Citibank offers customer service representative for each bank department. If you need to talk to a representative, you need to call 1 (800) 374-9700  Citibank customer service phone number for general inquiries during service hours. Besides, you can find the Citibank customer service phone numbers that you need in the following.


Citibank offers customer service numbers;

Online Banking Support: 1-800-374-9700

Apply for an Account Number: 1-800-745-1534

Personal Loan Servicing and Support:  1-800-685-0935

Citi® Cards Apply Customer Service: 1-888-201-4523

Costco Credit Card Customer Service: 1-877-343-4118

Citibank New first Mortgage or Refinance Number:  1-800-248-4638

Home equity lines or loans: 1-877-362-9100

Servicing (Cenlar FSB): 1-855-839-6253

Citi Private Bank Customers Number (Cenlar FSB) 1-855-839-6250

Citibank Small Business Service Number: 1-877-528-0990

Retirement Services Phone Number: 1-800-695-5911

Citibank Spanish Customer Service: 1-800-360-2484

Global Executive Banking General Support Number: 1-866-213-0890

Citigold Customer Service Phone Number: 1-866-405-4036

International Personal Banking Phone Number: 1-800-568-8555

For the Lost or Stolen Card: 1.800.950.5114

To Report Identity Theft 1.800.950.5114



Citibank Online Help

There are some benefit shortcuts you can find the answer to your problems without contacting a customer service representative.


Book an Appointment

It is possible to book an appointment online. Firstly, you need to enter your location(address, zip code or city and state) into the box. In the second part, you need to select a location that you prefer. In the last part, the bank wants you to prefer an appointment time. Finally, you can review your appointment detail and submit to the bank.

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Citibank Location Finder

You can search and find the Citibank location you need


Open a Citibank Account

The bank offers to create a bank account online. You can submit an online account creation form to Citibank.


Citibank Application Status Check 

It is possible to check application status online. If you need, you can visit the website of Citibank or check the image in the following.

Citibank application check



Citibank E-mail Address

Citibank e-mail support is not available but there are three options to contact customer service;

  • Calling a customer service representative
  • Submitting an online form
  • Sending a mail 



Citibank Mailing Addresses

You can find the mailing addresses of Citibank in the following.


Citigold Client Services
U.S. Service Center P.O. Box
769007 San Antonio, TX 78245-9966


Payments by Regular Mail
P.O. BOX 9001037
Louisville KY, 40290-1037


Citi Personal Wealth Management
111 Wall Street New York, NY 10043


Citibank Client Services
PO Box 6500 Sioux Falls, SD 57117


Payments by Regular Mail for the Costco
PO Box 78019
Phoenix, AZ 85062-8019


General Correspondence for the Costco 
PO Box 790046
St. Louis, Mo 63179-0046


Overnight Delivery / Express Payments
6716 Grade Lane Building 9, Suite 910
Louisville, KY 40213


Citi International Financial Services
P.O. Box 70263
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-8263


General Correspondence Citibank Customer Service
P.O. Box 6500
Sioux Falls, SD 57117


Citibank Client Services
U.S. Service Center P.O. Box 769007
San Antonio, TX 78245-9966


Citigold Private Client Services
P.O. Box 769003
San Antonio, TX 78245-9003


CitiBank Live Chat

Unfortunately, Citibank doesn’t provide live chat support. However, you can prefer to call a customer service representative or submitting a mail.


Citibank Social Media Platforms

You can contact Citibank contacting from the social media platforms in the following.





Citibank Service Hours

The famous bank offers 24 hours a day, 7-days support for the customers.


Citibank Mobile Apps 

Citibank offers Citi Mobile‪®  apps for both Android and IOS users so that the customers access their accounts. Also, the Citibank mobile app provides many features that you can find in the following.

  • Open a checking or savings account
  • Card Replacement: Request
  • Mobile Check Deposit
  • Find an ATM
  • View Your Account Statements
  • Check Balance
  • FICO® Score Checking
  • Make payments
  • Dispute credit card transactions
  • Citi Quick Lock
  • Zelle


About CitiCards

CitiBank logo

Citibank is one of the world’s largest financial services organizations bank of the Citi group and established by Samuel Osgood on June 16, 1812. The bank provides 2,649 different branches in 19 countries for the customers.

The bank offers unique advantages including mobile apps, branches, ATMs, online help, 24/7 customer service support, credit cards, loans and more for the customers.



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